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RAW Botswana offers exclusive horseback safaris, walking trails, mokoro & canoeing, fishing, game drives, boating, and birdwatching.


RAW Botswana is an activity-based camp offering great flexibility to satisfy all guests’ choice of activity; including horseback safaris, walking trails, game drives,  and bird watching in the inimitable Selinda Reserve. Mokoro cruises, canoeing, motorised boating safaris, and fishing activities are available when the water levels are satisfactory. Water activities cannot be guaranteed due to the erratic flow of the channel. 

Riding safaris are fine-tuned and highly professional with specially acclimatised horses and guides. There are not more than 6 guests to a group, accompanied by a lead and back-up guide. Riding competency is a requirement, and riders must be older than 12. 

Walking trails suit groups of 6 guests or less, and offers great opportunities for nature photography. This activity is about tracking, searching for wildlife, bird watching, detailed study of flora and fauna, and can be interspersed with fishing and swimming. Guides will tailor the walking trails to suit guests’ interests.

***Please note that water based activities are seasonal and dependent on water levels***

Daily Schedule

All activities are available in both the mornings and afternoons, during the coolest and most scenic parts of day. The daily schedule depends on the guests’ activity choice combinations and seasonal availability of activities. 

June to August are the wettest months of the year due to the expected arrival of the flood waters from Angola, which might mean less availability of land-based activities, such as game drives. However, the waters level can be unpredictable. There is no set departure time, so the schedule is flexible. Horseback safaris include up to 6 hours in the saddle, broken up by refreshment stops.

Selinda Reserve offers some of the most exquisite scenery and memorable experiences through all the activities on offer. Three meals and 3-course dinners are provided each day, while plenty of time can be taken to relax in the spacious lodge areas and enjoy the view.

When to Go

Summer months run from September to April, with the hottest months being October, November and February, and the wettest months occuring mid-year when the flood waters arrive from Angola. Summer temperatures can rise to 40C at midday, while winter lows can drop to 6C.

The location means that there is water present all year round, but the levels vary. During the high rainfall months we focus on the water based activities, and game drives take place in the drier areas if the landscape allows. The summer has a searing heat and wet weather, but it's also the time of year for migratory bird species, so keen birders may prefer to visit at this time. 

Winter occurs from around May to the end of August. These are the dry months with cooler temperatures in the early mornings and evenings, and the mild daytime temperatures are comfortable at around mid-20C. During the drier months the Spillway is dry, which paves the way for more land based activities. 

What to Pack

Throughout the year, lightweight neutral-coloured clothing is recommended, as well as suitable walking shoes. There is a swimming pool, so bring swimming togs along, hats, sun glasses, and sunscreen, and remember to pack cameras, chargers, binoculars, and other gadgets or reference books for the area’s wildlife and landscape if you would like.

Riders must pack their own riding-wear: helmets, chaps, and boots. Luggage must be limited to a weight limit of 20kg (44lbs) per person, packed into soft-sided bags, so as to fit into the light aircraft. Excess baggage can be stored in our Maun office. 

It is recommended to carry a waterproof camera while horse riding due to the risk of splashing and/or submersion in the Delta water - this risk is lower if you are walking or boating. There is a same-day laundry service at Motswiri.

What to Expect

The camp is simple and comfortable, fitting perfectly into its natural surroundings and having a light impact on the environment. Families are welcome and the pace of life is entirely up to the guests and their activity preferences. Various land and water-based activities are available seasonally, including horse riding, mekoro, canoeing, game drives, and walking safaris.

When it comes to riding activities, riders are expected to have a bit of experience, be competent in handling the horse at a trot, canter, and gallop in the case of a quick getaway, so beginners will not be suited to the riding safaris.

The location of this camp is a true drawcard, and the exclusivity of the area makes the experience unbeatable. The Selinda Spillway in front of the camp brings wildlife right into view. 

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